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Default Re: Request for more cooperation in order to improve the game

OK, I won't post his E-Mail adress here (Spambots, I've learned about not posting stuff like that in another forum), but please go to the page of Malfador Machinations and E-mail Aaron / MM. He really needs some feedback by other users, I think. It's only me still keeping contact with him, and you probably can imagine the impression on him (zealous, annoying fan, only a single opinion not shared by other members in the forum). Just explain that you want the game's development to be continued. Maybe that's a way to get him to act. Don't be rude!
For those of you who didn't follow the last thread opened by Skirmisher:
Aaron has written me an E-mail where he denies further support for the game:
We tried to work with you in the past but you made that impossible. We do
not have any current plans for World Supremacy.

I think I can't get him to act by E-mailing him myself anymore. You need to signal to him directly that you still want the game to be improved, want further updates.
If all people except me remain passive we won't see any further updates.
We really need your cooperation. And customers who have not yet taken part, please participate in the discussion!

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