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Default Re: Request for more cooperation in order to improve the game

Goodbye! Won't repeat the stuff I wrote yesterday. The removal of my last thread is the signal for me to leave.
My honest thanks go out to all people who supported me, especially to Gandalf Parker, a really helpful, very active member of the Shrapnel Games community and S.R. Krol (the only guy in Shrapnel who I really could talk to, and who was the most honest about the game), to JCrowe for his manifestos and his extremely helpful contribution, and to ScottWAR for his mods.
Sorry, but I don't have any energy left to continue here. Time to take part in really active game communities. It was a good time when there was still a discussion here, but since this is not the case anymore and it's just me posting, there's no point in staying here.
Time to take a break. Let's see if any other people continue what I tried to start here.

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