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Default Newbee Questions

I just bought the game and have been playing for about 2 weeks.

I have been making my own adjustments to the data files to reflect what I think is a better model for each unit capabilities. I noticed that the manual list of unit capabilities is different the what is actually in the data files, which I assume is a result of all of the previous patches.

Question #1:

If Factories have no limit to how many can be in a region, and they have a special ability to give a discount of 10% for all unit purchases in that same region, does that mean that a unit bought for say 100M is now 90M and the second Factory takes another 10% off the 90M or if you have 10 Factories they do they all discount at the same time and all unite are free?

Question #2:

Fortifications give all land units a +5 to their combat defense rating, if you have 10 in 1 region does that give all land units get a +50 combat defense rating ect.

Thanks in advance.
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