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Default Re: I did NOT stale my turn in Dominions 3!

when the reminder email comes in, my usual server sees the subject and forwards it to the email address I have assigned to my phone. When that arrives Gmail sees the "tag" I set up in gmail and plays a special ring.

If I am out or running or something, and I know Im going to miss it, I just say into the bluetooth mic "take my turn".

Tasker converts the input "take my turn" in sending a text message back to the email address assigned my server.

My server sees the message, loads AutoHotKey, which loads Dominions 3 autoconnecting to my game

saves my turn <*>

sends in my turn

<*> maybe I will add some to have it do some mandatory things like collect slaves and recruit a mage but mostly its just getting the turn in before the deadline. If I am not the last one doing my turn and I get home in time then I can always redo the turn and upload a new one.

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