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Default The Battle For The Legendary Lands Begins!

News Release For Immediate Release

The Battle For The Legendary Lands Begins!
Land of Legends For The PC Now Shipping!

Hampstead, NC, 21 September 2005

It has begun!

For those of you strong in sword and versed in the arcane the time is nigh! Land of
Legends, developed by Tiny Hero Game Studios and published by Shrapnel Games, has
begun to ship! Yes, upon raven wings from the Maester's chambers (or possibly via UPS
or the postal service, which is sorta like raven wings except without the raven) carefully
wrapped packages of gaming ecstasy will begin to make their journey around the globe.
Soon all who await what will definitely be the next fantasy classic shall be able to pop it
in, fire it up, and play, play, and play!

Land of Legends is an epic fantasy struggle dealing with the highly identifiable themes of
good versus the forces of evil, wrapped up in an easily playable format that everyone can
enjoy. Players will quickly find themselves enraptured in the whimsically fantastic world
of Land of Legends, featuring colorful anime-inspired graphics, and gameplay that
doesn't just demand you give it one more turn, it straps you down and makes you call it
mommy. Been too long since you've played a game that made your eyes bleed and your
mouse hand cramp up like a dead giant spider? Well, 'tis time to feed that turn-based
strategy addiction with these Lands.

Land of Legends boasts a thirty-two scenario single-player campaign (in addition, there is
a special "Legendary" version of the campaign) and ten maps designed with the
multiplayer gamer in mind. Choice is always a good thing, and in Land of Legends
players get to play eight fantastic fantasy races, with over seventy unique abilities
amongst the combatants. When you combine all the races and abilities what you end up
with is endless strategic possibility! A full in-game tutorial, something we know is
important to many of you, is included to get you smacking zombie skulls within minutes
of installation.

A single scenario is playable in under an hour, making Land of Legends the perfect game
for when gaming calls but reality seeks to interfere. This quick style of gameplay also
has another benefit, as a multiplayer session can be started, played, and finished before
your boss even realizes you're not working on the Penske file. With its built-in
matchmaking utility suite finding foes to belittle and crush is as easy as a few clicks.
There's even a site that tracks and displays your online play statistics, allowing one and
all to see who truly is the most legendary hero in the Land of Legends.

Land of Legends is available for the Windows operating system and retails for $34.95
through the Shrapnel Games e-store, the Gamers Front, located at
A free demo, featuring four scenarios and the in-game tutorial, is available on the
Shrapnel Games website,, along with an overview and feature
list of the game.

And be sure to also check out our website for a complete listing of all the amazing titles
we offer, and to keep up with the latest news of what's out, and what will be out.
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