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Disk Converting SP1 Scenarios (was Blitzkrieg Banzai)

Map is straight from the SP1 version through a long and convoluted automatic process (SP1toWW2.exe --> SPWW2 version 2.2 -> WW2Map.exe).

The OOB for both sides was rebuilt from scratch; with a few more toys present in this version that weren't in the SP1 version.

I still need to do more work here, such as editing the Japanese OOB to make the formations more in line with a mechanized unit; as I had to buy the APCs in a separate formation.

Right now, I'd say it's more of a PBEM only scenario until I can get more experience; this was just a quick "can we convert SP1 scenarios over?" proof of concept that I threw together; because a Japan v Germany throwdown has always intrigued me since I beat the German campaign in Iron Storm for Sega Saturn; which was... Germans v. Japanese in India for control of the world.
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