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Default Re: Finnish OOB 8.0

AMV XA361-AMOS (+STRIX) ammo loadout has been a big floating question mark for me for some time already. Until recently I thought somebody had done some deep research and found something I haven't but after spending some hours reading about this in reservists' forums I came to conclusion that the numbers are based on estimates, not actual ammo loads.

AMOS units have a total of 180 rounds (70+70 HE, 20+20 AP) while STRIX units have 90 (35+35 HE, 10+10 AP). Sheer weight of 180 projectiles would be 2.3 metric tons.

Unconfirmed sources state that there are 60+5 rounds in the vehicle in the format that looks like it's copy/paste from but at least the current page states "Laukauksia vaunussa: 48 kpl", "Rounds in the vehicle: 48 pcs", not specifying if that is in addition to the rounds in the ammo loader or not (according to what I've read, loader takes 4 rounds, the "+5" earlier is one in the barrel included I guess).
XA-361 AMOS on suggests rather high looking values 90 rounds in vehicle and 25 rds/min whereas FDF states the peak fire rate is 16 rds/min, sustained rate of 12 rds/min and the total round count is the earlier mentioned 48.

Mobhack manual states:
"Howitzer & mortar loads are 5xROF for on-map pieces, and 10xROF for off-map items."
but i think it does not apply for self propelled units.

Therefore the ammo loadout and ROF values should in my humble opinion be:
ROF: 12 (as currently is)
HE: 18 + 18
AP: 6 + 6

This ammo loadout would be if not realistic at least playable. 6 rounds / 12 ROF means that you can empty the load on predesignated target and not have 1 round left annoying you. 18 HE means that you can continue the next round to empty the vehicle totally of HE ammo before going to ammo dump for reload.

Units affected:
335, 336, 348 (and 999, Nation:0)