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Default Re: APC Development and related topics.

Borsuk APC

Poland nearly finishing tests of new domestic APC [Badger] build by HSW which will be replacement for old BWP-1. As for now three prototypes are build and last was tested during exercises Dragon-21. Borsuk will have new local build turret unmanned ZSSW-30 which is also projected to be used on Rosomak APC equipped in 30mm Mk44S Bushmaster II chain gun, 7.62mm UKM-2000C coaxial machine gun and Spike ATGM launcher in box on right side.
Rosomak with ZSSW030

Borsuk is indeed to be introduced in year 2023/2024 to army and manufactured by Huta Stalowa Wola HSW.

link to some photos

English language video about this vehicle and intended versions

Nice video showing Borsuk in movment

Here ZSSW-30 on Rosomak firing Spikes from tower

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