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Fallout Re: APC Development and related topics.

Well it just works out that will be a continuation of my last Post.

National Audit Office (NAO) which is a "Watchdog" organization for the government will be investigating, in effect, what's happened with the following programs; Ajax, Boxer, Challenger, and Warrior (CSV).

I quote from Ref.1, "this will enable us to draw out the systemic issues in the [Ministry of Defense's] management of these programmes."

The report is due for release on March 2022. That being said, it might be late Summer or Fall based on history concerning the SDR and other related programs.

This will no doubt further delay these programs.

I can't believe I've been tracking this for so long now, Contract signed 10yrs ago and the Army should've had these 4yrs ago.

Well ARJUN took 30 yrs, maybe the above isn't so bad afterall!?!

This seems the appropriate thread concerning my close friend and co-worker Jake "ABRAMS and BRADLEY Driver Extraordinaire" who some of you might remember was of help to me in submitting updates to those platforms (Especially BRADLEY as he tested the driver and thermal optics systems for the M3 version.) a few years back.

He was a combat vet who served in Iraq with 14yrs of service in the Army.

I'm sad to say he passed from COVID-19 after 3wks in ICU on 2 Sept (Another close friend and co-worker lost his wife after 8wks in ICU the previous Sunday, also to COVID-19. It was a rough week for the "Team".). The Memorial Service was on Labor Day with him being interned at the Dallas Tx National Military Cemetery with Full Military Honors later that week.

I will miss him.

"If something is not impossible, there must be a way of doing it." - Sir Nicholas Winton

"Ex communi periculo, fraternitas" - My career long mentor and current friend -QMCM/SS M. Moher USN Ret..
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