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Default Re: MOD - Weird Worlds: Rebooted v0.11

Originally Posted by chabex View Post
Great mod- how can I translate the text in the mod?
It would be a bunch of work. Under the a-reboot directory that you unzipped, you would go into the gamedata. You'll want to go into EVERY .ini file in that directory and all the subdirectories (perhaps with the exception of "hulls") and look over what you want to change. Stay away from modifying things like NAME, NAM1, NAM2, SNAM, PTYP, and SHIP. You can absolutely modifying any line in a TEXT segment. Perhaps TITL as well (title).

Changing the wrong thing could make the game crash, so you're probably better off sticking to just the TEXT items to change. You can open the .ini files with Windows Notepad (or a similar plain ASCII text editor). Be sure you save your changes with the same filename (and not .txt).

Hope this helps.