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Default Dungeon Odyssey Central

Ok, so the name is a bit long, but it gets to the point. I'm starting up a site for the game and I'll be hosting MODs, tilesets, and practially anything else that be linked to the game. I'm also going to have a SEIV section as well, since that is my #1 favorite game.

If you have anything to do with SEIV or DO email me with the file, and info on what it is. Please put a .txt or .doc file in the Compressed file with information about your MOD, Tilset, or shipset, or what ever it is you sending as well. If you need to contact me the best way is since I do not check this forum very much.

I'm also allowing programs for modding that you have made on the site, I can do a mirror through my web host. And I'll post it in the Tools section. If you have a document that YOU have done for tips/tricks/modding/whatever send that as well. Thanks in advance. will be the subdomain once I put it available to the public.
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