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Default Re: Just downloaded demo

Jbonga said:
I am new at this game as well and I just downloaded the demo scenario called "A friend in need". I brought it to school to play with my friends during the lunch periods and if we like it we might all buy our own. The only problem was we all didn't know how to play. I read the whole rule book twice but there was still some aspects I didn't understand.

Is there a way I can get a visual demonstration? You talked about some kind of flash demo? Also, if I download the Vassal demo verson would I be able to play against the computer so I could learn the game more?

Hi! Thanks for playing the demo. At the top left of this page click on "Games" from the sidebar. Then go to "Mark H. Walker's Lock 'n Load". You'll find all sorts of goodies on the "Downloads" and "Links" pages, including a version of the demo which can be played with VASSAL and the flash walkthru.
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