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Default Re: Ideas how to improve WinSP MBT/WW2 !

Epoletov_SPR said:
To reduce radius supression (Z - button) for MG-units up to 1 hex (now 2 hex).
Now it is not necessary to artillery if to take much MG-units probably easily supression all armies of the opponent and then also it is easy to destroy them.

Will try to respond to more points later, this just caught my eye

The "blast radius" for machineguns is relatively recent addition and it was introduced after a lot of considerations - it represents fact that MG's were really great "suppression builders", esp. against infantry formations. Also it represent facts that MMG's and HMG's were often intentionally fired to create a beaten zone, not pinpointing targets, but just spraying and praying. And sometimes they did even have special accessories to be more effective at it.
About the most elaborate was a HMG twin used in Czechoslovakian fortifications. Not only all fortification main weapons had a blindfire aiming device, allowing them to lay down suppressive fire on almost any spot in fire arc (and they were trained to do so), the HMG twin actually did have two options of weapon set up - both HMG's being coaxial or one being slightly knocked off the alignment to create even wider beaten zone.
So, this behavior of MG's (and only those in MG teams and in fixed AAA IIRC) is not a bug, it's a feature and realistical one. Generally, 9 times out of 10 when infantry got under HMG fire, they did hit the dust and waited for arty to suppress the machineguns.
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