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Default Re: YT channel with penetration simulations

Originally Posted by zovs66 View Post
Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
Myself, I found the early WRG 1/300 tabletop rules ...
What is WRG? I have collect a few tabletop rules over time but can't place this one. The one I knew the most about was Micro Armor GHQ rules (I used to live in Washington - born and raised - and met John Fernandes there after I got out of the service and he introduced me to his rules back then. RIP John).
Wargames Research Group.

The writers of what were the standard "competition" tabletop rules of the 70s onwards army list books, troop reference guides etc. Eespecially wrt to Ancients, but the WW2 rules were also used in competition till Tabletop Games "Firefly" and "Challenger" sets replaced them in the 80s.
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