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Default Re: Ideas how to improve WinSP MBT/WW2 !

Originally Posted by zovs66 View Post
When I was in the service (1987-1981) as an M1A1 tank driver in basic that is how they taught us to avoid ATGM attacks, have the gunner shoot the coax and the loader shoot the loader 240 mg at the smoke where the ATGM was fired from and for the driver to engage in zig zig movements. That was the theory and practice in the late 80s. Not sure how effective it would have been in reality. Fortunately for myself when we fought the Iraqis in 91 I never saw any ATGM attacks from them, it was all tank on tank action very much like World War Two and we had the sense of how the Germans tankers may have felt in the early part of the war. We did feel invincible in a way, at least after our first combats, it it was due to combined arms, we were glad for our artillery and air/help support and all our training. We trained for a large war which thankfully never happened but combat nowadays is much much different, I don’t think (hopefully) we will ever see combat on the scale of WW2 or WW1, but the smaller sized conflicts will be just as deadly and intense and let’s pray that no idiot ever fires a nuke in anger.

Just my thoughts and opinions.

I forgot where I read it, but an online report of an armor officer that fought in ODS said that there was an incident where two BRDMs with ATGMs fired at their tanks. They were quickly spotted and knocked out before the missiles came anywhere close to their tanks (and obviously hit the dirt w/o any guidance).
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