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Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
Only the crews of damaged vehicles, as I said. Because AFAIR only vehicles can get weapon slots damaged - not A/T or Arty guns, mortars etc.

Not that I really bother much with bailed crews, unless they are core troops and need rallying to get them safely to the rear (by foot or on a spare halftrack).
Thanks Andy. My point was that bailed crews from destroyed vehicles then seem to do better than the damaged ones, which may be counterintuitive. I don't care much about crews either; it's just that I couldn't remember coming across an unarmed one before. It was a CO in this case.

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
there is little advantage or disadvantage to either an HE or AP round.
I thought at first that it was coded to save ammo, as it only packs 6 AP rounds.
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