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Fallout Re: Trounced on home turf ?

For what it's worth, I wish to point out there are no winners or losers in an exercise. How you train and the lessons you take away from that, will determine who the winners or losers are on the only place it matters, the battlefield. That's what we call "warfighting".

The ref. below will provide and hopefully fill in some holes from the refs already submitted. You won't get much about equipment, though you'll know who played and at what strength and mission.

This was not a normal run of the mill exercise; it was also a test in unit reorganization (Up & Down) for both the UK and USMC.

For the USMC that means Plan 2030.

For the UK, "Future Commando Force" (Program-Mine) and pre-deployment training under a new unit concept called Littoral Response Group (LRG) (South) to be tested in the Sinai next year.

And of course, how do these units work along the lines of "interoperability" or are we on the right track at this time.

"...40 Commando has the lead in creating LRG South, “which we’ve brought together here for the first time” along with sub-units including armored support and commando logistics."

In the USN putting the "mission" before the word exercise, i.e., LANTSUBASWEX '87 (Atlantic Submarine Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise.) There was a real-world psychological benefit to doing this in case the Soviets showed up "uninvited".

The Cold War, ah, those were the days!?!

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