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Default Opponent of any experience wanted!


I play this game for 2 years nearly constantly. I have also released a scenario that was added to official scenario list in 5.5 patch as far as I remember. Mentioning that to show I can consider myself as experienced player :P

I am looking for opponent at any skill. Why? Equality is unknown at any war, so if he is not experienced we can just think about a battle that is very demanding for one of the sides.

I play scenarios of any size, still, prefer bigger ones (battalion or more) the most. I am personally great fan of Ulf Lundstrom's type of engagements and conflicts, so thats the shortest insight into what I like.
When playing bigger combat, I stick to specific rules. ALL OF THEM are negotiable, as I am consensus-seeking man:

Standard rules, touching bigger scenarios:
- Companies only for infantry and armour. Allowed independent platoons on healthy scale: I can understand adding like ATGM support platoon for tank company or SF platoon or two for recon possibilities. Not accepted are actions like eg. spamming with 20 SF platoons to build up your bulk of infantry force. Keep it realistic. Company only rule doesn't affect artillery or misc units
- No snipers UNLESS they are a part of company. In this case its fully acceptable. No rules on sniper quality in that case. independent snipers forbidden
- Majority of artillery on map. Allowed some smaller offmap assets, especially if some units have no onmap variant
- Rearming helicopters is forbidden...
- ...same as rearming AA weapons!

Optional, even more negotiable:

- Rearming ATGMs is forbidden
- Sticking to general, realistic ORBAT. Eg. if Ukrainian dominant tank is T-64, T-84 shouldn't be dominating.
- SPMBT is not ideal and ORBAT errors are occurring quite often. Usage of non-realistic equipment should be discussed. Same as in some cases borrowing others nation equipment should be allowed (on captured mode). Eg. Bulgarian Army in real life operates AFAIK... 1 or 2 SF brigades. If we recreate that fact, Bulgarian player should be allowed to eg. set Russians as captured and simulate Bulgarian SF by SpetzNatz etc.

I hope this isn't too much!
Now, what scenarios I would play the most: Prefer more modern combat. Enjoyed Lundstrom WW3 series of 1989 so much, I played some multiplayer variants of that type of scenarios with my friends before. Can play more modern conflict, but can enter Korean or Vietnam war as well. Fictional conflicts are also welcome, as soon as I would be "put into a climate", so nice background story etc.
I also enjoy quite a different type of scenarios: dont know how to call them: let's say strict reenactments or EITHER realistic of what-if battles. I don't mean loosing them as it was in history, but instead to focus on army recreation. Also works for what-if: NATO data on most of world formations is available and it is possible to recreate brigade sized unit in this game (with some simplifications). This means we could play strictly recreated units like eg. the one specific Stryker Combat Team versus other recreatable formation of - I don't know - Iranian ORBAT maybe?

I hope this post isn't too long, but I will keep it yet for a moment. I am the msot open on scenarios not involving US Army or USMC. Its not hatred, Americans are just everywhere :P
I am most interested in less famous conflicts or famous ones, but seen from other perspective. Korean War? Why da US? Why not read about Ethiopian Kagnew Battalions during that conflict? Or Turkish Brigade?
Why not South Korean involvement in Vietnam?
Egyptian escapade into Yemen?
Football War?
Grenada? (that's US but not depicted well enough)
Yugo Civil War?
Thai Cambodian conflict?
Or Vietnamese Cambodian maybe?
Chinese Civil War?
Indo-Pakistani Wars?
Timor Crisis?
Cypriot War?
Sahara War?
Endless possibilities is what this game gives and I would use them all with decent player! I call it my best strategy or tactical game ever for a reason.

Last aspect: looking for someone capable of playing 1-2 turns a day. Matter of top importance is to find someone stable and relentless, who will not resign, but play from the beginning to the end (or till one of the sides will give up).

OK, that's the end of this epic monologue. Hope someone will be interested. Contact with me is available in this topic, through PMs, Email ( or communicators like Steam or X-Fire. Either as SaSTrooP or SaS TrooP.

Thank you!
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