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Default The first time I fought the Kawangi

So I get a message saying that something blew up on the other side of the starmap. I peek at Altair, and see that there's some sort of electric lozenge flying towards Niven. Naturally I hyperdrive to Niven to investigate, but it turns out to have a case of the Mukatians, who tell me to piss off. So I fly around for a few months and pick up a Terran fighter, and when I come back to Niven the Mukatians want to get all buddy-buddy and save the universe with me. Personal anti-loogie preferences aside, I ally and proceed to have all of my corvette's weapon systems pwned by an electric lozenge. I run away.

I try to pick up some better equipment from the remaining unexplored stars (haven't found any Klakar yet), but all I get are a bunch of Garthans who asplode my two small ships. Then Niven blows up. I'm like, "WTF?? I thought that the rest of the universe didn't move when I'm not around!" and I head over to Siren, where the lozenge seems to be headed. Get an angry crowd of Garthans who I'm not ready to fight. Jump around the universe some more, avoiding all the combat which means... well... *everything*, and pretty soon the Garthans are dust and the lozenge is only two jumps away from Glory.

I find a starship graveyard: it contains the Limited Vacuum Collapser. At first I don't grasp the significance of this--then I realize what I have to do. I hyper over to the lozenge's next destination at Loryx, which is also the friendly Zorg's homeworld. I set the collapser to go off in 70 days, and hyper out. The lozenge doesn't go as fast as I'd expected, it's still more than a parsec away when the collapser goes off, but--the shockwave hits! The Kawangi ship disintegrates, and my crew parties hard.

And I just destroyed the Zorg homeworld. I liked those guys.

Not my highest-scoring game, but definitely my most memorable so far. I'm new to WW (and to the space genre in general), but a game this fast that can render a proper Pyrrhic victory is worthy of my $25.