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Default Re: The Pipe And The Intertubes

Top casual PC games of 2008

Reviewer Bob Mandel really likes Brainpipe. Here's the full text of his comment:

Brainpipe is an arcade action experience where you zip along within a curvy tube collecting glyphs and avoiding obstacles. Specifically, as you race, to avoid damage you have to dodge blorbs, posts, cleaners, slicers, twisters, glow worms, and gates. Played from a first-person perspective, you engage in real-time spatial navigation within a gorgeous physical environment that is even available in full widescreen. The eye motif that extends from the elegant menu system to the addictive gameplay is wonderful, including the “iris” you look through as you play — it will open wider and become redder when you collide with dangerous items — to display damage. The sound effects and music are also truly sumptuous. You easily control all of your actions with the mouse, with the left button allowing you to slow down or repair yourself. Beginning relatively calmly, the challenge and intensity escalates as you play until it stretches your reflexes beyond their limits. You get sucked into the mesmerizing setting immediately, and you will not want to blink or turn away for even an instant.
Oh, be sure to check out the article to see the other featured 2008 indie games too. Go indie!