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Default Re: shp images not showing up in game?

this is a fresh install of the game. I am working on my USA 1980-2020 MOD (

I always start with a new install so I know that my change to the oob are relevant to the current version and will cause fewer compatibility issues. I have made hundreds of changes and am in the final check and double check phase.

I can see them in MobHack and the game knows they are there or it would would show the classic MBT icon but, instead these are invisible. I had a problem before like this but,it was because I used a shp file with more spaces than were available for that Icon file. (I used a 101 space Icon file instead of a 99 space and the last ones would not show. This is the whole file that is invisible.

This is most confusing and I am hoping it is something simple that I am doing wrong.

Thank you.
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