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Default Re: Questions automation

Probably not.
I would have at one time but probably not now. Ive lost the motivation and for health reasons my online time comes in precious little batches anymore.

But if you have specific questions, I can try to respond.

One tip that I remember....
when recording mouse actions it is hard to keep the locations the same every time. I play in a maximized window and the first mouse movement is to go way way into the corner (I edit the script to add even more movement that direction) so that all moves after that are uniform no matter where the mouse was when I hit the key.
This game is NOT suitable for students, interns, apprentices, or anyone else who is expected to pass tests on a regular basis. Do not think about strategies while operating heavy machinery. Before beginning this game make arrangements for someone to check on you daily. If you find that your game has continued for more than 36 hours straight then you should consult a physician immediately (Do NOT show him the game!)
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