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Default Re: Still More Problems!

About the border thing... the problem is most likely in the [levelname]_tiles.txt file of your module.. try to change the "increased border size" line in the header of that file to:

Increased Border Size := 1

I hope that helps..

About the other bug:
I've tested some things to try and find out what kind of bug it could be. The starting location is most likely not the problem, if there is something wrong with the starting position the game specifically says "cannot find module starting position" as part of the error message.

But I don't know what it could be, I've tried almost everything to generate the error you described but the game was completely happy about generating maps that did not connect properly, or it gave different errors... sigh...

What kind of connections does the map use (is it a simple map with only one connection type or does it have different types)? Is the starting position tile there when you look at the map in the mapgenerator, are there any other special tiles missing?
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