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Fallout Re: African OOB Thread

SIPRI relies on all countries to abide by all UN and and other arms treaties agreed to, this is why they put what they did as highlighted below. This indicates there at least was some discussion of an arms trade. That being said, it also leaves it open that either Belarus, Finland and the Ukraine (The only known "export" customers.) could've sold it to them as well, tough unlikely. It fell through at some point. My search went from 1996-2002. It is possible, that the deal was terminated beyond 2002 even, as at times if SIPRI gets that information they generally will add to the database for the affected year for the countries involved to cover other issues as well in arms trade.

I agree, they don't have them and never received them.
(20) 2S19 MSTA-S 152mmSelf-propelled gun (1998) 1999 (20)
(10) 2S5 152mm Self-propelled gun (1998) 1999 (10) Possibly ex-Russian

May I also offer the following website as their focus is Africa.

And yes Ethiopia is missing from the above. All African countries are covered in the "NEWS BY COUNTRY" tab.

This has made my life a little easier concerning work on that Continent along with other resources.

Felt I needed to post the above because quite frankly most people don't take to time to read the "nuts and bolts" parts of the SIPRI website to understand how they work etc. They play a large part in my work, however, they are just another "cog" in the machine.

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