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Default Jethanis Incident

The United Systems Hegemony's tenuous relations with the Sithrak Dominion and the Xi'Chung Hive has been a source of headaches and gray hairs for the Prime Director for years. In recent times, heated hostilities have gotten the attention of the USH Navy, even from across the expansive stellar cluster.

After a time, the strain on the Sithrak Navy was too much to bare. The Xi'Chung broke into a Sithrak fringe system...and burned its worlds. In a strange moment of humility, they called upon the proud people of the USH for military support...and fleets were sent.

Existing on the opposite end of the stellar cluster, separated by millions of real-space light years, it was misunderstood by Naval Intelligence exactly how vast the Dominion's Navy was...and how equally immense the Hive had to be to breach such an aggressive race's military.

By comparison, the USHN was nothing to be laughed at. Its impressive fleets were in the middle of mopping up the Norak Continuum's xenocidal fanatics and their absurdly low-tech armada. Although experienced and with a long tradition of strength and success, the USHN had yet to truly face a foe approaching its tonnage, in no small part due to its dreadnought flagships...
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