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Default Re: Jethanis Incident

Stardate 2436.3

As Charlie Foxtrots go, this was textbook.

United Systems Hegemony Fleet VI began translating into the Jethanis system, a known Xi'Chung Hive system, as a show of force...

...Only to translate right into a fleet of 17 battleships. Worse, they were stationed right near the warp point.

In a conventional battle in open space, the USHN's philosophy of assembling its fleets into divisions of core vessels with light escorts was a brilliant and devastating deviation from the popular Big Ship philosophy treasured by the other significant nations in the quadrant. Not only that, but it allowed USHN fleets to be more potent mobile forces while reducing tonnage by using light cruiser and destroyer escorts in place of consort ships in a massive, single formation. However, Warp Point Assaults were something special...and USHF 6's reality.

The USHNS Dreadnought translated first, to be greeted with immediate engagement. Before she could pull out, more of the fleet had translated in. The Fleet was committed. There was no turning back.

The vicious knife fight was brutal. Beams and missiles zipped back and forth, ships shattered, people died.

The Fleet managed to eliminate the hostile force...but paid a high price for it victory. All three of her dreadnoughts were lost. Another two cruisers and a frigate joined them in magnificent, if smaller, fireballs.

Despite these losses, by some miracle, both the division of combat and political transports, as well as the division of support cruisers, escaped relatively unscathed. However, all that was left to protect them were a pair of cruisers with their frigate escorts, along with two spent and crippled boarding frigates.
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