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Default Re: Jethanis Incident

Stardate 2436.4

In the intervening time, USHF VI's single repair cruiser managed to repair one of its boarding frigates into some semblance of function, even if said function was effectively useless without capture cruisers or battleships to support. As precious, non-replenishable missiles were re-allocated to the cruiser divisions, the lone frigate was tasked to ride shepherd on the support craft.

The pair of light cruiser colliers managed to deliver fresh units of fuel and reactive mass before the second battle began. A fleet of 25 -25!- battleships pursued with bloody intent. The poor remaining crippled boarding frigate was written off and abandoned as two cruisers, escorted by frigates, accelerated in futile defense of their charges.

In a surprise twist, USHN's revolutionary doctrine of space engagement allowed the cruisers to even the odds a little more.

14 Xi'Chung battleships, a light cruiser, and a destroyer never made it out in one piece, and forced the rest to scatter in disarray. Although the numbers were impressive, the relatively low exchange rate was still crushing, as the cruiser Eagle and frigate Wicker shattered under withering fire. In addition, all of USHF VI's missiles had been spent, leeching away the Fleet's last advantage...
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