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Default Re: Jethanis Incident

Stardate 2437.0

The 6th fleet of the United Systems Hegemony Navy is now nearing the completion of its rebuilding. Several of its heaviest elements are just a warp point away.

In fact, with the rendezvous of an additional capture cruiser, a retaliation action was taken. The capture cruisers USHNS Bolt and USHNS Rifle sought out and captured a crippled battleship recorded as being part of the second Battle of Jethanis. Although the battleship's consort escaped, due to insufficient breaching shuttles, the capture was a success. The fleet's repair cruiser moved up to rendezvous with the Rifle, Bolt and the captured battleship.

As the repair cruiser docked with the battleship, a long range scanner reading chilled the crew's blood. Nearby, another Xi'Chung warship was cruising by. Said ship was well within the mass ranges for a dreadnought class vessel. The prospect of dreadnoughts in as vast numbers as the fleet's encountered battleships may keep some sailors from sleeping easy that night.
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