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Default Re: Jethanis Incident

Stardate 2439.0

After two full years of activity in the region, as well as establishing a series of forward bases in a neighboring system, United Systems Hegemony Fleet 1 has been ordered back into the Jethanis system, from the other side.

So far, sensors have confirmed that an ally has retained its toehold in the system, and USHF 1 has been ordered to assume a planetary orbit while the situation is being assessed.

During the last two years, USHF 6 has been joined by 3 more fleets in the area, has conquered one moon, and established two new, large planetary bases in the area. The USHF 2, 4 and 6 are stationed in a neighboring system, as relief vessels, expatriate transport ships, and fresh, modern capture ships come in from the home systems.

(I know I repeat myself more than just a bit. I like it anyway.)
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