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Default Re: Retreating Task Forces?

It sounds like this is a strategy issue. I'm only familiar with the Balance Mod strategies, is that what you're playing?

In that case, all the strategies such as "Don't get hurt", "Max Range" etc. all have the option "Break Formation Immediately" set to true. This mean that regardless of task force grouping, they break away at the start of battle and revert to the ship-level strategy you have set in the design screen - which is why the pickets engage the enemy.

In the Empire Options screen, there are options at the bottom to make adjustments to strategies. I suggest you create a copy of "Don't get hurt", name it something like "Stay safe in formation" and change nothing apart from setting "Break Formation Immediately = False". If you set this new strategy for your task force, they should stay together.

That's off the top of my head but I think it will do what you want. The default strategies are sensible in most cases but some interesting things can be achieved by adjusting them (and testing the hell out of them in the simulator)...
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