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Default Re: Cross Objective Flag Roundel MoD

Originally Posted by ERISS View Post
Free French roundel is not beautiful.
Maybe this (400x400, is to be reduced):

This was a circle, jpeg did not keep transparancy borders.
It's taken from naval Free French flag (which was the 1st one created Croix-de-Lorraine FF flag).

This roundel mod is aimed at historical accuracy rather than beauty. One exception is the Poland LWP roundel which needed to be created to distinguish it from the regular Poland roundel.

I'm sorry the Free French roundel is not beautiful to you but perhaps it was to the Free French fighting the war?

Am I right in thinking you took the rectangular Free French naval ensign and modded it into a roundel?

Did the Free French Naval Forces include aircraft, and did those aircraft use a different roundel than other Free French aircraft?

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