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Default Re: Cross Objective Flag Roundel MoD

Originally Posted by Cross View Post
A good example is the above photo where the under-wing cross is thin compared to the cross on the fuselage. Another photo even has a Free French ‘budded cross’ on a white circle.

In looking at contemporary examples, the roundel is typically a thin cross.
The French ‘Free French’ Wikipedia page has the roundel just like the design I’ve used:

The above is a screen print from the French Wikipedia page. You can see that the Free French Navy use a thick cross, but tanks and aircraft were supposed to have the narrow cross.

But please show me if you have any good sources on the roundel.
I feel wikipedia comes from this photo where the cross has been badly drawn under the wing. You may be right, but I think wikipedia took for the right roundel a bad example. Yes I have to search for sources (but you already had seen the one on the fuselage, which is good).
Here is the author of the roundel:

EDIT: not skinny one, on fuselage:

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