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Modernisation program "Wilk" in Poland which my be consider a way in which direction MBT's evolution and usage my go in next 20/30 years in this country. This tank is consider as a replacement for older and most numerous T-72/T-72M1 and PT-91 "Twardy" and also mentioned earlier T-72M1R. Leopards after future modernisations will be kept in units.

There are consider such options
  • Domestic tank Wilk
    Designed by OBRUM IV generation 60t tank. Two man crew and remote turennt. Designed in some way similarly to T-14 Armata thick armour on front of hull and light armour in torrent. Armour with use of polish technology designed for PT-91 and also of german IBD Deisenroth, AMAP-B technology composites. Active defense system ASOP is planed in cooperation with Ukrainians - ASOP hard-kill "Zasłon". Also soft-kill SSP-1 OBRA-3 Picture and reactive armour based on polish experiences with ERAWA-3. As we talk about gun here is considered Rheinmetall 120mm Rh 120 LLR L/47 or Rheinmetall 130 mm Rh 130 L/51

    Early graphic of projected tank

  • M1 Abrams tank
    American government offers used Abrams definitely M1 variant

  • K2PL
    South Korea offers their K2 Black Panther in version K2PL with better turrent and hull armour than their variant which will be manufactured in Poland together with transfer of technology and know-how. They are already involved in production of K9 Thunder chassis for polish Krab.

    based on
    South Korea offers full technology transfer and polonization. K2PL itself is newly designed, better turret and hull for K2 Black Panther subsystems. South Korea offers to fund R&D phase and provide Poland with preferential credits to build production capabilities in Poland. Besides that this offer includes large cooperation in terms of both military and civilian industry. K2PL is considered as one of the favorites, also because South Korea is investing a lot in Poland, including large Ion-Lithium batteries factory and new Central Airport Hub
    also Czech army is interested in cooperation with Poland during production and introduction of K2PL probably as (K2CZ) to their armed forces.

  • Altay MBT

    Turkey also offers their main MBT

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