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Default Re: Tools and Tutorials

Update : online map editor now available at
edited by Gandalf Parker: no longer available (currently in beta)

The first version of my dominions perl library is done.

Currently there are function for map parsing/validation, functions to add random buildings and commanders to provinces, and of course a function to output the edited map code from the perl pseudo-object

The library come with a test script ( as well as an online map validator/randomizer also available on my website , so you don't even need to install anything if you just want to randomize (or check the syntax of) a map or two :

I have many plans for the future based on this library, such as semi-random provinces (randomly select random provinces/commanders from a pre-set library depending of the province terrain type(s) for exemple), and I can take suggestion, or even script requests.

And of course please report any bug that you could find with the application, thanks in advance.

See for discussions, bug reports, features requests and new versions
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