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Fallout Re: MBT's

Well if the purported picture of the T-95 is right, I can't shake the feeling the development of the
BLACK EAGLE continued. This wouldn't be the first military hardware that suffered that fate, went into a "Black Hole" and was brought back later in a further developed stage. Let's remember the turret for the BLACK EAGLE was of a completely new design. Also there were some reports that the BLACK EAGLE turret was unmanned as well. IF we assume somehow managed to get a T-95 pic and compare it to the known BLACK EAGLE pic the only difference I can see is the side mounted track armor. If it quacks it must be a duck. We'll see. As most know I'll keep digging, in the meantime here's another short article.
I would think the load out would be similar to the BLACK EAGLEs and others in the neighborhood of 30-40 rounds.
Hey if a guy named "Boris" comes around asking questions we could be on to something here!?!
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