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Default Re: United Earth Consortium (Take 2)

+++++++ 2400.0: United Earth Consortium Internal Communication (CONFIDENTIAL) ++++++++

I just finished looking over a system wide survey report (GN: System name is Qikiltrin, doubt I'll call it that very much though). It looks like we are in pretty good shape when it comes to near term expansion. There are 4 planets which we could establish colonies on. Three of them actually have Oxygen atmospheres, which will bring the costs way down for us. One of them has a methane atmosphere, so we would need to build domes.

QI looks like it will be the first to colonize. It is a rather large planet (GN: Huge) and has an Oxygen atmosphere. The probes did not turn up anything spectacular as far as resources though. We should still be able to set up mining operations if needed ( GN: 90% mineral). The sheer amount of space will be invaluable though.

QII is a small planet with an Oxygen atmosphere. The probes report is does not have much in the way of anything. I'm not sure what we will do with this planet yet.

QIV is a small with an Oxygen atmosphere as well. The soil report on this planet is excellent (GN: 148%). We will be setting up farming operations there soon I hope.

QVIII is a small (GN: Tiny) planet with a methane atmosphere. I use the term planet loosely, as our science guys are arguing about whether this is a planet or a big asteroid. Regardless, it's position and thin atmosphere allow for some good radioactive collection rates (GN: 102% radio).

We also have 2 asteroid belts in the system. A couple years ago we flew some probes by and they detected a lot of organic material (GN: 200%+ agri) in both of them. We do not have the ability to harvest them yet, but it is being planned for the future.

Something exciting happened this week as well. Scientists from the UEG discovered two warp points on the edge of our system. Warp Points have long been theorized, but now we know they are there. Hey discovered them by accident actually, flew too close with a probe years ago and it disappeared from their screens. Apparently the probes signal just got back to us.

This week I also held a meeting with the R&D heads to discuss what we will be researching. A lot of ideas were brought to the table. Several really wanted to research weapon projects. I veto'd this due to the fact there really isn't any need at the moment. If we are going to colonize the system and explore those new warp points, we need bigger and more efficient ships. All research efforts will be directed there for the time being (GN: Light Hull Construction 100%). They tell me we should have results within a few months.

Our ship design folks came up with a vessel that will allow us to set up a colony on QI. I approved it and sent it to manufacturing. We should have a Colony I class ship in a few months. We can thank the X-Caliber Corporation for the speed at which it will be done. They have made some amazing advances in Automated Manufacturing, we are lucky to have them on our team. They are a big reason why we won the contract.

I almost had the design guys work up an explorer ship, but I think I will wait until the new ship research is done. I don't want to make them obsolete too quickly.
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