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Default Re: United Earth Consortium (Take 2)

+++++++ 2400.8 United Earth Consortium Internal Communication (CONFIDENTIAL) +++++++++

It has been a while since my last update, but not too much of note has happened. The best news is we have established 3 new colonies in the system. QI,II,IV have all been colonized. Q1 is the large planet, so it will be multi-purpose. We have built a mine and 2 research facilities on it so far. We are currently constructing a space yard, which will increase our ability to produce ships.

QIV will be primarily a farming colony. We have already started 2 farms there. QII is a small planet that a large Research complex is being built on. We are building one here because we hope to run experiments that might be too dangerous for civilians to be around.

Our R&D department has completed their research into making some larger ships (GN: Light Hull Construction 2 researched). These aren't too much bigger than what we currently have, but they should let us fit a few more systems on board. I have asked the R&D team to look into improving the efficiency of our Ion Engines. They are still first generation technology and I would like to get more out of them (GN: Researching Ion Engines 2).

I had a look at our income sheet and it is looking good. We are brining in a very large surplus of minerals (GN: 28,000 surplus). I may need to have some more warehouses built, as we are quickly filling up. Our food supplies are also doing well since the farms on QIV came on line (GN: 11,000 food surplus). Our radioactive supply is adequate, hope to expand it in the near future though with a facility on QVIII (GN: 3,000 surplus).

That is all there really is to report. In the near future I plan to launch a new class of ship which will explore those warp points.

(The AI version of the UEC is coming along well. I have its build order working and it seems to be doing well against other AI's.).
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