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Default Re: LA Man - Death and Taxes

The majority of the time, the results of 120% taxes + growth 3 + patroling = minimal pop loss. That said, it is always important to remember that dom3 style randomness is a factor.

On occasion above average unrest will occur. On occasion below average potrolling performance will happen. There are also a ton of unrest events and indy attack events which will complicate the results. You also need to be shore that your dominion has spread to the zone and established your good growth scale.

Also remember that what I outline is my approach to overtaxing Man. You need not follow it to a tee. You can choose to be conservitive and average 110% taxes. Some player are use to controlling death scales and might decide that the quicker and less sustainable 130% tax rate is good for them. A sound tax strategy would be to start high and then lower taxes in an attempt to jump-start Man. I personally don't hesitate to lower taxes to 100% when hit with high unrest.

What I outline is basic starting point for a wealthy nation of Man. I'll let you take it from there.

Edit: I must admit, I don't have confidence that one judge will handle the unrest from 130% taxes in most provinces.
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