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Before I respond to the above I just want to make a comment about drain scales. After experiencing the effects of Drain 3 a bit more, I'm willing to swear against it. Even with complete drain tolerance I find the last 40 points not worth it. The chances of getting a magic fading event at the wrong time, or any time for that matter, just isn't worth risking. In one game I've received the magic fading event 6 times. That's with order 3 and a misfortune 2.

You could potentially protect yourself by storing your gems on commanders, but it won't protect gems you've receive from allies in the same turn. Storing gems on commanders produces another level of micromanagement that you don't need. Furthermore, it isn't entirely safe as an assassination attempt or well placed falling fires could ruin your day.

Originally Posted by Ironhawk View Post
This was an interesting read but I wouldnt say that its an excellent guide. It covers the unique patrolling mechanic, but IMO, falls down in terms of strategy advice. What are good compositions and tactics for your armies? What should you summon?

A couple of points like stealth and good BE spells for LA Man are talked about in passing, but no cohesive strategy for how to carry out a war...
I can understand your criticism. There was a great deal of things I left out of this guide that I originally meant to include. I did this because I wanted to focus on one very important thing, where to start? How does someone take the 'weakest' nation in late-age dominions and place oneself into a good position for the middle and late game? I also felt that I couldn't speak from a position of experience to write anything further.

Now that I have had the time to experience my version of Man in a late-game struggle, I will soon write a companion guide. Hopefully this will have the information you've been seeking.
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