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Default Re: My Philosophy on Strategy Guides

Originally Posted by Gandalf Parker View Post
Originally Posted by Sombre View Post
Originally Posted by Redeyes View Post
It feels as if you like a Socratic kind of guide, where the "teacher" has a dialog with the student so he can find his own way of approaching the problem.
No Gandalf prefers a Schizophrenic kind of guide, where the poster has a dialogue with himself.
You might be thinking of AAR.
I do often suggest an AAR which can be book-published in a form where the left pages are the game in story form, and the right pages are the actual game actions.

Im not sure how a schizo guide would be done. Something like
"How to play Abyssia vs Jotunheim and How to play Jotunheim vs Abyssia" in the same Guide? That might be interesting. A comparison of how to use the heat aura and cold aura effectively, the different summons that work best with each, formations, support spells, etc.

And/or some sort of theoretical chess-crafting. Essentially going step by step with strategy > counter, in a fictional confrontation between 2 nations/builds. Would be a good way to highlight some niche tactics that people are less aware of, and to show things that people wouldn't necessarily post as a focal point of a strategy, but that become apparent as the best course of action during the play of the game.
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