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Default Re: Customer relations - part 2

Originally Posted by S.R. Krol View Post
Yes, like any software vendor was expect our customers to tell us what their specific issues with the software are because their problem isn't always everyone else's problem.
The thing is we have done that,...since the beginning,...thats not the issue,...the issue the lack of support, the lack of communication,...the lack of patches that actually fix something. And all those "lacks" come from the developers end,....not ours.

And we still havent received one single "We apologize" for the complete lack of support and for being left completely in the dark. You say the other post was closed becasue it was no longer constructive,......try apologizing for unloading this game on us before it was reasy,.......THEN you might see more cooperation and less frustrartion from those that got burned by this game.

And yes, spillblood says,...a patch is BADLY needed, and you've probably got all the help form the community that you are going to get until we see a patch as proof that something is actually being done with this game.

You see we have answered the questions, we have made lists of what is wrong with the game,....we have done all that before and didnt see any results from it........ excuse us if we seem skeptical now. Get a patch out and we may start actually believing this game isnt dead.
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