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Default Re: Progressive Rolls

Originally Posted by Viviris Venado View Post
I really like that progressive rolls account for the real-world variation we call "luck." Is this common in RPGs?
Progressive rolls exit in a number of games. The most famous is Shadowrun by FASA. The idea in Shadowrun was that the game only used a d6, which provided only a limited ability to simulate real world events. By making a d6 roll progressive it allowed for lucky rolls that could, in the extreme, cause a Hada to kill a dragon with a soup spoon. This may be an unlikely outcome, but it is a possible outcome. Winning the lottery is an unlikely outcome, but it is a possible outcome that happens every couple of weeks to one out of millions on millions of player.

Shadowrun's failure of course was that the statistical system was out of whack and unbalanced. However, most people quit trying to play the game strictly by the rules and instead simply let the dice indicate where the action was going.

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