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Default Re: Fall Bears usefullness (mostly CBM)

Bears are big, relatively lumbering beasties. They may be able to get to a decent speed running, but watch videos of them fighting, it's not lightning fast claw and tooth action but more punching and grappling so giving multiple attacks is hard to justify. You could make a case for boosting their Att/Dam. Bears certainly don't use their bulk in a way to justify trample.

At various points and by various means, ethereality co-exists in Dom3 with protection - it's a magical bear spirit so why should that magic not include a magic toughness? It's hard to change them much without losing the theme of them being a bear. Currently they don't make good shock troops or flankers, which means they pretty much are blockers, except in a different way from cave drakes. And even with low protection added, they would still have very different advantages and disadvantages from cave drakes.
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