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Default Re: Experience and morale

Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post

WW2 Japanese don't gt a national morale bonus - they just tend not to surrender. They are also less likely to rout. Now, that can lead to thier units standing stll while 'stunned' and thus taking punishment while they do, but that was what happened in WW2.

He is also not seeing the other tables like the leadership values, those effect platoon etc commanders rally and experience, artillery command etc.

So the basic tables are just a base as you say - there are also boosts for e.g. elite formations and conscripts in the OOB formation data.

Russia does have a problem in the era of Stalin's purges and dont really recover till you get Guards troops available (early 42?), but that was true in WW2. There are also Siberean troops available from 11/41 who are above the average.

But when fighting in the Winter war the Russians are badly affected by the purges. So you will have to plan ahead and stonk the Finns with concentrated arty with long delays for calls for fire, and hope the Soviet armour gives you an advantage - the infantry is rather poor then.

If he doesn't like the base vales, as usual he has Mobhack to use should he want to adjust the values. He can always adjust the formation morale and experience modifiers in his own custom OOBs.
Bad expression on my behalf with the Japs I just meant they behaved differently.
Not disputing the values for Russia just commented they are the ones that are hard to play early war, you have to adjust to play them. Once facing tanks things are compounded. Your tanks are inaccurate & your infantry does not have much in the way of AT weapons & can suffer tank fear. Its always a challenge.
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