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Default Re: Experience and morale

Hi Imp
Yes that is exactly right I am talking about and comparing the standard infantry base values.

Mobhack blithely dismisses the base values as "just a base" but they are central because ALL the other values stem from them. Elite forces might have +15 but it's +15 from the BASE value. Mobhack also says I am not seeing Leadership table, yes I am but they are once again based on the BASE values. Randomness doesn't matter either because ON AVERAGE low base values will always give low other values.
So these base values are absolutely critical because all the other values are derived directly from them. A unit with low base will on average have lesser other relevant values than one with a higher base value.

I say scouts are problematic because multiple men 0 size units lend themselves very readily to gamey play. I think that for a group of 4 to 6 men moving about being size 0 is already enough of a bonus without giving them the extra +3 or so for Morale and Experience. Removing their +3 bonus makes them a little less prone to being the tools of Gamey types.

Its not "my particular viewpoint" I just present published data that demonstrates where your game contains errors, that you want to keep the errors in the game never fails to amaze me. My posts are only long because the game contains so many errors.
Anyone who reads my posts can see they are not ramblings but that they are concise, comprehensible, well thought out, relevant, documented and referenced.
The game Base Experience and Morale values are clearly wrong according to the literature. But from your side once again we see absolutely NO JUSTIFICATION of WHY the game base values are as they are. Just the usual personal attacks on me.
You're not covering yourself in glory calling me insulting names either. It would be nice if you treated members of the forum with some respect.
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