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Default Re: Experience and morale

Kwikky - please show me where exactly I am calling you "insulting names" or making "personal attacks"?

We have told you not to post marathon novel length posts. Several times. That is neither an insult, nor a personal attack. Yet you insist on dropping them here from time to time - sorry, but TLDR. Post them, but we will be ignoring them in future.

We have directed you towards Mobhack as a tool where you can make OOB sets that address your personal viewpoint. Those OOBs can be posted in the Mods forum for those who agree with your POV. That is not insulting, nor a personal attack. Its fact.

So if you want your own version of the game that does things your particular way, please learn to use Mobhack and post your mod in the appropriate forum. Then anyone who agrees with you will be able to download your mod and comment upon it.

You have the tools to do what you want to but we are not going to it for you.
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