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Default Re: Experience and morale

Well mobhack
Its school playground one oh one to use an insulting name in place of the real posters proper name, Quickywiki is not Kiwikkiwik I find Quickywiki insulting. But ill take it if I can make a nickname up for you, Its not hard to make Mobhack into something quite funny as well..
Have a read of my latest post in TOEs. Once again I have pointed out a series of errors contained in your game but instead of hey thanks for pointing that out I'll get the usual stonewalling or the thread closed up before anyone else can comment.
And none of it is my POV. It's the published FACTS from the literature that your game has got wrong. But pointing it out is a crime. There is nothing wrong with showing where the game can be made more realistic. if you prefer a game that ignores the errors it contains thats fine by me, but I think I should be allowed to point out where the game contains errors without being ridiculed and attacked, calling my posts rambling is an example of exactly that.
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