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Default Dom3 programming/scripts to reset timers

This is turning into a pain.
edited note: this all applies to direct connect but comments about the pbem differences acceptable also

Dom3 --hours 24 --quickhost game
is a fairly standard setting. Quickhost it if all the turns are in, otherwise at 24 hours even if someone hasnt done their turn. But if someone wants to change the maximum time or worse yet a temporary extension then its a pain.

The best answer would be if Dom3, like other server programs, would recognize external requests to reread its files and settings. But it doesnt. Direct connect is nice in many ways but it has the drawback of requiring shutdown for almost any change. I should mention that the game DOES have options for things like hosting everyday at 4am or Mon/Wed/Fri at midnight. That would make things easier to manage and much easier on server loads but no one seems to ever choose that for their games.

Ive considered it quite abit but it always comes up "impossible" (meaning of course, possible but more time/effort than its worth). Maybe if I gripe abit here someone more capable than I might smooth some of it out.
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