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Default Re: Dom3 programming/scripts to reset timers

Originally Posted by thejeff View Post
And can you get connection info from the game, instead of checking the port yourself? I remember it displays who's connected.
OK side thought...
The tail of the game.log looks like this:
allgang, Connections 0, Time 14h (quick host)
Arc+ Er+ Py- Ul+ Ti+ Mac- Aby+ Ca- Jo+ shi+ As+

The "Time XXh" shows the countdown. I could use that to avoid alot of the *&^$% date math. When I get "we want 6 hours added for just this turn" I cant just take down the game and add 6 to the --hours 24 switch then restart because the game might already be 7 hours into the timer. So restarting with --hours 30 is way more than they want. This used to mean checking the time-stamp on the ftherlnd file to see when it last hosted, adding the total force-time plus extension to that, then trying to figure out how much time is left to hit that new mark (yes I know its simple math but I hate simple math)

Im realizing now that I can take the "Time XXh" off the game log, add 6 to that, and change to the --hours X switch to that number for an accurate extension.

But knowing to make it --hours 13 to hit the new mark for the extension and restarting it still doesnt solve all the headaches. As soon as the game hosts, it will display a new timer based on a 13 hour limit. There is no way to set the game to "host in 13 hours then go back to 24 hours". Unless Im up and watching, or have that one game out of 100 contact me when it hosts, players will see the timer and rely on it getting pissed if it changes (no matter what they are told)
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