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Default Re: OT: Even More Proof That PC\'s Are Dying

"Unlikely to occur; if it was all on-demand, etc., it would be far too easy to avoid commercials...and as you no doubt know, they can't allow that to happen. Quite possibly it'll be on-demand, but AFTER it has already been broadcast in a (relatively) conventional fashion."

Sadly, the way I see this going is two ways, you pay a higher price for no commercials, where you will still get a few commercials, maybe 2 60 second spots for the sponsors, and a cheaper version that would be the same as watching tv now. This way, the networks will still get $$, the sponsors will still get some advertising time, and you as the consumer will not get anything "free". As far as the corps. and networks are concerned this would be the win-win scenario.
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